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How to setup your email channel to start receiving emails in the Unified Inbox
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The Email Channel allows you to connect your current email used for customer service to Dstny Engage Unified Inbox using the IMAP (a protocol for managing and retrieving emails from a server) and SMTP (a protocol used to send emails between clients and servers or between servers).

Once you create and configure your email channel, new emails will be shown inside Unified Inbox for agents to handle.

Creating New Email Channel

  • On your Workspace left menu, navigate to Administration > Channels.
  • Click the Connect New Channel button and choose Email.
  • Type the Channel Name and Tag fields, then click Next.

Configuring Incoming & Outgoing Email Servers “IMAP & SMTP”

Check with your email provider and find the IMAP & SMTP server address, port & email. It is recommended to use the SSL/TLS setup.

  • On the Connect Email Channel page, fill in your email provider settings.
  • Test your IMAP & SMTP configurations before saving.
  • If testing the IMAP/SMTP failed, make sure you are using an App Password. Check this Gmail help article as an example.
  • Make sure that STMP port supports SSL first or you need to uncheck the icon of SSL/TLS.
  • Click Connect to complete your setup.

ℹ️ Connecting Email for the first time will retrieve the last 50 emails only.
ℹ️ Spam messages will not appear in the Unified Inbox.

How to know the IMAP & SMTP values

Here is a list of IMAP & SMTP configurations from major email providers:


  • The limit of attachments is 30 MB per message, larger attachments will not be received.
  • You can attach more than one file as long as the total size does not exceed 30 MB.
  • All file types are supported. For more details check: Using attachments in Unified Inbox.

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